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ChanceLight® Behavioral Health, Therapy & Education is the nation’s leading provider of behavioral health and education solutions for children and young adults. We change the direction of children’s lives by offering them the opportunity to create successful, independent futures.

Formerly known as Educational Services of America (ESA), ChanceLight serves nearly 19,000 clients and students each day across our three divisions. ChanceLight Behavioral Health serves those with autism spectrum and other behavioral disorders, and pediatric developmental delays and physical challenges. ChanceLight Education includes our alternative education Ombudsman program, which partners with more than 100 school districts to serve at-risk students; and Spectrum Center Schools and Programs, which partners with more than 115 school districts to operate schools and programs for students with special needs.


Behavioral Health Division

A leading provider of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy, ChanceLight Behavioral Health offers high-quality, research-based solutions for children and young adults with a wide range of diagnoses, including autism spectrum and other behavioral disorders.

We provide comprehensive services to children, young adults and their families in their homes, in clinics and in schools and on or near military bases throughout the country. Many private and government insurance providers, including TRICARE, cover our services.

ChanceLight Behavioral Health Companies:

Early Autism Project, Inc.
Applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy for children and young adults with autism spectrum and related disorders

Autism Behavior Associates, Inc.
ABA therapy for children and young adults in homes, clinics and schools in the Colorado Springs area

Education Alternatives for ABA, LLC
ABA therapy, educational and behavioral supports for school districts. Ed-Alt also provides services in homes and clinics throughout Pennsylvania

Growing Minds Learning Centers
Community living supports, respite services, behavior supports and ABA therapy for children with developmental and behavioral disabilities in Kentucky

CLiK – Community Living in Kentucky
Behavior supports, ABA therapy, outpatient mental health services, social skills groups, and physical, speech and occupational therapies for children and adults


Therapy Division

ChanceLight Pediatric Therapy offers services for infants, toddlers, children and young adults who have complex medical and developmental needs. All of our highly trained team members provide treatment in the home, where children are most comfortable.

Whether at 18 weeks, 18 months or 18 years old, children benefit from personalized treatment so they can function at or as close to age-appropriate levels as possible. We strive to improve their ability to succeed at home, at school and at play.

Pediatric Physical Therapy (PT) improves motor skills, balance, coordination, strength and mobility so children can be active participants in home, school, play and social settings.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy (OT) improves hand-eye coordination, focus, attention and self-care so children can better take care of themselves, play and interact with others.

Pediatric Speech Therapy (ST) improves verbal and non-communication so children can better use and understand language. Feeding therapy is another part of what we do because certain swallowing and throat disorders affect speech and the ability to eat.

ChanceLight Therapy Companies:

Sage Care Therapy Services

Pediatric home health care including physical, speech and occupational therapy services in Texas.


Education Division

For more than 40 years, our alternative education solutions have helped thousands of at-risk middle and high school students struggling with academic and behavioral issues achieve success. Our programs are designed to help school districts improve graduation rates and decrease dropout rates.

Our special education solutions help students with autism spectrum disorders, developmental delays, emotional disturbance, behavioral challenges or other special needs meet their full potential academically, behaviorally and socially.

ChanceLight partners with more than 215 school districts nationwide.


ChanceLight Education Companies:

Ombudsman Educational Services
Many public school districts partner with Ombudsman to provide alternative programs for dropout prevention and credit recovery. Ombudsman students are at risk of not graduating because they may have missed too many school days, lack credits, or have academic challenges or adult responsibilities that keep them from being successful in a traditional school environment.

Spectrum Center Schools and Programs
Serving children and young adults aged five to 22 who have autism spectrum disorders, developmental delays, emotional disturbances, behavioral challenges or other special needs. Spectrum Center provides supplemental special education to public schools by operating nonpublic schools for students with special needs, as well as special education classrooms within public school buildings.